My Plastic Heart

August 6, 2015

Art Nerd New York’s Top Event Picks for the Week, 8/6-8/8

In a city where hundreds of interesting happenings occur each week, it can be hard to pick and choose your way to a fulfilling life. Art Nerd's philosophy is a combination of observation, participation, education and of course a party to create the ultimate well-rounded week. Jump ahead for Art Nerd founder Lori Zimmer’s top end of week picks for 6sqft readers! One of the busiest art shows I've ever seen returns to New York this week- Spoke Art's annual Wes Anderson-themed exhibition "Bad Dads," which attracts collectors, fans and those who love to dress like his characters (always a lot of fun). Artist Brian Leo's colorful myriad of cartoony drawings open at Amy Li, a massive group show curated by Melissa Mccain-Welles kicks off at Azart Gallery, and cutesy arty toy store My Plastic Heart hosts a two-person East vs. West Coast Show. The gorgeous grounds of Wave Hill in the Bronx invite guests to chat with artists in their current show after perusing the gardens, and Michael Alan brings his "living installation" for visitors to become a part of for its 13th anniversary.
All the best events to check out here