MR Architecture + Decor

March 3, 2015

Dare to Shower in This $10.5M David Mann-Designed Tribeca Loft

If you want to live in a classic Tribeca loft and build a stronger relationship with your partner, you can cancel those therapy sessions and just head over to this 4,000-square-foot pad in the Dietz Lantern Building, because for better or for worse, you will definitely get a lot closer in this home thanks to a see-through master bathroom behind the artful hanging bed. For some reason, the space appears to have been struggling on the market since 2011, with a price tag that has fallen from $12.995 million to its current $10.5 million asking. Maybe couples aren’t as interested in being so open with each other after all. But we think that if they considered advertising at the voyeuristic Standard Hotel on the High Line this home could get snatched up in no time.
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