January 30, 2015

New Yorker Spotlight: Jessica Siskin of Misterkrisp Builds Food Art from Rice Krispies Treats

Food artist Jessica Siskin requires just three ingredients before getting to work: Rice Krispies, marshmallows, and butter. Yes, Jessica's specialty is masterfully molding Rice Krispies Treats, but these are far from your average after-school snack. She has taken the childhood favorite up a few notches to create edible works of art, and developed it into her business, Misterkrisp. The company was born a little over a year ago in Jessica's New York kitchen. Since then, she's been exploring the Rice Krispies possibilities all the while growing a loyal following on Instagram where 15,000 followers delight in her work. A quick scroll through Misterkrisp's photo page reveals everything from classic New York bagels to emojis to a bowl of ramen–all made out of Rice Krispies Treats. It's fair to say that Jessica's creativity is limitless, especially since many of her krisps, as she calls them, are customer requests. We recently spoke with Jessica to learn more about the architecture of Rice Krispies Treats and the daily rewards of providing New Yorkers with food art.
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