Hello Alfred

April 21, 2020

Personal assistant app Hello Alfred offers guaranteed delivery service in NYC for $25/week

As New Yorkers look to avoid in-person grocery shopping amid the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for delivery services has exploded across the city. Hoping to provide an alternative to the currently overwhelmed system, Hello Alfred, a company that provides a digital personal assistant for city dwellers, has launched a new delivery service for $25 per week for out-of-network users, as Eater NY first reported.
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February 22, 2018

NYC developments get smart: A look at the latest residential building technologies

In a refreshingly non-"Black Mirror" way, many NYC residential developments are taking advantage of new technologies, like keyless door entry systems and digital concierges, not to replace humans but rather enhance them. These building technologies are making residents’ lives easier while prioritizing the importance of face-to-face interaction. According to a joint cnet/Coldwell Banker survey, “81 percent of current smart-home device owners say they would be more willing to buy a home with connected tech in place.” Clearly, developers got that message. Many new buildings in NYC are incorporating technology into their developments to enhance service as well as increase residents' personal security and privacy.
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