June 19, 2015

New Yorker Spotlight: Sarah Brasky of Foster Dogs NYC on Helping Pups Find Fur-Ever Homes

There are people who are born dog lovers and then those who become them. Sarah Brasky was definitely born a dog lover. From an early age, Sarah was passionate about man's best friend; she was drawn to dogs, had tons of dog stuffed animals, and began volunteering at a local animal shelter when she was old enough. As an adult, Sarah has transformed this deep love into a means to make a difference when she founded the nonprofit Foster Dogs NYC in 2009. Foster Dogs NYC is devoted to supporting and working with rescue groups and organizations looking to place dogs in fosters homes. For many dogs, this home is the first step on the road to finding a forever home. Individuals who foster dogs are able to help them become the dog he or she was always destined to be through their love and support. Foster caretakers give these dogs a tremendous gift, one that is rewarded with lots of love and licks. We recently spoke with Sarah to learn more about the incredible work her organization does, to discuss why fostering is so important, and why it is so rewarding to both human and dog.
Read our interview with Sarah here