Cotton Candy Machine Brooklyn

November 5, 2015

Art Nerd New York’s Top Event Picks for the Week – 11/5-11/11

If you missed out on the '90s heyday of the Tunnel nightclub, this weekend you can experience its new use as an art center and venue for the Editions/Artists Book Fair. Performa15 also comes to town, and lands in Times Square with a new Midnight Moment flick and a performance of live opera. Brookfield Place in Battery Park hosts the annual Canstruction exhibition, where food donated to City Harvest becomes innovative sculptures before becoming a hot meal. Brooklyn's Cotton Candy Machine eeks out another great event before it closes–a mini comic book festival–while around the corner an art show proves that punk rock is not dead. Lastly, iconic photographer Sandy Skoglund recreates an accidental performance that once enlivened a Little Italy window in 1979, this time touching modernity in a Chelsea art gallery window.
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August 13, 2015

Art Nerd New York’s Top Event Picks for the Week, 8/13-8/19

In a city where hundreds of interesting happenings occur each week, it can be hard to pick and choose your way to a fulfilling life. Art Nerd‘s philosophy is a combination of observation, participation, education and of course a party to create the ultimate well-rounded week. Jump ahead for Art Nerd founder Lori Zimmer’s top end of week picks for 6sqft readers! This week, time travel to relive two iconic, yet very different, New York moments. Head to Times Square to recreate the 1945 sailor kiss that became famous on the cover of LIFE Magazine, or scoot up to the Bronx for the restaging of City Maze, the seminal exhibition from 1980 during the dawn of street art. Revive Marcel Duchamp at the Queens Museum, experience the exciting new present of an art-infused South Street Seaport, or get a glimpse of the future by spotting a dude walking around in an air conditioned suit (we swear it's art). You can live in the now and see what Brooklyn’s Cotton Candy Machine is up to, or see if athletes can really cut it in contemporary art.
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