December 3, 2014

QUIZ: Can You Guess When This Building Was Constructed?

Modernism, neoclassical, deconstructivism, colonial. You may know your architectural styles, but what if a glassy building was really built in the early 1900s? Would that trip you up? This fun BuzzFeed Quiz rounds up a few tricky buildings whose styles differ from those of the decade in which they were actually constructed. See if you can figure out what was built when, ahead. […]

November 11, 2014

QUIZ: Which Starchitect Are You?

Are you an OG architect that doesn’t care what other people think? Or a rising star who cares deeply about design? Or would you rather build structures than design them? This architecture-nerd turned the hallmarks of your favorite starchitects into a fun BuzzFeed quiz. Take it now and find out which starchitect you are. TAKE THE […]