The Surrey

Cool Listings, Upper East Side

20 East 76th Street, The Surrey, Upper East Side, Hotel Suite, Residential hotel, big tickets, Relais & Chateaux, price chop

When 6sqft became aware last February of the most expensive one-bedroom rental listing in the city, a $300,000 a month 1,200-square-foot (nope, we didn’t forget a zero) penthouse atop the Surrey Hotel at 20 East 76th Street on the Upper East Side, we asked cheekily, “Why buy a $3.6 million dollar home when you can pay the same amount of money to live in a modest one-bedroom for a year?” Now that the unit–still on the market though with a fresh new broker–has gotten a hefty haircut of $225,000, it looks in comparison like a straight-up bargain at less than a million a year. So what are we getting for the still-significant monthly outlay?

Let’s see what the fuss is about