Daily Link Fix

henry the robot, Metralabs, strands project, Haus der Barmherzigkeit
  • Women Street Vendors Serve Up A Labor of Love: In ethnically-diverse low-income neighborhoods, you’ll notice that most of the street vendors are women. Listen in on WNYC’s podcast about the history of women vendors and the native South American foods they sell.
  • SunBeamer Shines Light Into Dark City Buildings: Most buildings in the city don’t have floor-to-ceiling windows that let in the natural light. Gizmodo featured Sumbeamer, these cool devices that track light into city buildings that are blocked by skyscrapers from getting sunlight.
  • Did You Hear About This Cool New Thing? You Can Get Abducted!: Starting tomorrow you can join in on a workshop that’ll teach you some survival skills like picking locks and opening handcuffs. But that’s not even even the fun part; they’ll test you on these newly-learned skills by abducting you. Sound like fun? Check out the details on Gothamist.
  • Being Looked After By A Robot Is Becoming More of a Reality: Henry the robot is a temp working in a nursing home in Vienna and he has two jobs: patrolling and interacting with the seniors. Read more about robots in workplaces and homes on Quartz.

Images: Henry the robot and his friend by Ludwig Schedl for APA via Quartz (left); Rift Recon Flickr (right)

Daily Link Fix

the jewish book council, jewish literary map, jewish literature map, jewish landmarks in nyc, nyc landmarks, infographic
  • A Detailed Map of Jewish Literature: Take an adventure through the city and schlep to these landmarks found in Jewish literatur. See the full map on Tablet.
  • Google Street View With Sound: Because as if Google Street View isn’t creepy enough, one company decided to add sounds to certain scenes like pigeons flying overhead, street performers and babies crying. FastCo.Design spotlights how they were able to mimic the difference in sound when you got closer to or further away from a scene.
  • Would You Pick Up A Hitchhiking Robot?: hitchBOT has his (her? its?) thumb up hoping for a caring stranger to stop and help him make his way across Canada. Daily Dot reports that the robot can only answer basic questions. So I guess it won’t be singing along to Journey with you.
  • Derek Jeter Head Corn Maze: To commemorate #2’s final season, a New Jersey farm decided to make a corn maze in the shape of Jeter’s head.  Gothamist says you can make your way through the the Yankee’s face starting September 20th.

Images: Sample of the Jewish Literary Map by The Jewish Book Council (left); Jeter head corn maze courtesy of Gothamist (right)


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