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Tetra-Shed: A Portable Wooden Home Office with a Rubber Skin

By Ana Lisa Alperovich, Mon, July 13, 2015

Innovation Imperative, Tetra Shed, LED lighting, electric underfloor heating, customizable design, home office,

As more and more people choose to work from home, there’s an increased demand for rooms within a room. Some accomplish this configuration with multi-functional storage spacescatch-all pods, and even meditation spaces. And some, like Innovation Imperative´s Tetra Shed take on the guise of a giant black rock. Its faceted, minimalistic, geometric aesthetic opts for the scant over the ostentatious; it fits an entire small office inside; it can be completely closed up, so you can relax and forget about work; and, let’s be honest, it’s quite the conversation piece.

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Living cube, Mini Cube, Urban Cube and Living Wall, German design, Till Konneker, multifunctional furniture, elegant design,

Attention apartment dwellers! If you’re looking for a practical and elegant way to store all of your belongings, and to stealthily add additional sleeping quarters to your home, look no further than the Living Cube. Envisioned by German designer Till Konneker, this multifunctional design comes complete with a top platform for chilling out or fitting an extra bed, as well as a hidden storage room inside.

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Cool Listings, Furniture

Amarith Fuses a Dining Table and a Pool Table in a Classy Way

By Ana Lisa Alperovich, Thu, May 28, 2015

saluc, Amarith, pool table, two tables in one, Fusionpool table, sleek table

If you’ve wanted a pool table at home but know there’s no way one will ever fit in your apartment, here’s a playful and innovative table concept designed just for you. Meet the Amarith Fusion pool table, a modern, sleek design combo that lets you enjoy a game of pool after dinner with friends—and doesn’t take up any more space than a traditional dining table.

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Design, Furniture

Nicole de Bie, soft box, HOPPETEE, multifunctional furniture, hides clutter, soft stool, minimal box, playing object, Dutch design

Is your apartment full of stuff lying around everywhere? Do you wish you could just make it disappear? This strange yet functional object can help make your cleaning dreams come true, whether you need to quickly stow away your dirty clothes on the floor, random knickknacks that don’t have a place or your kids’ innumerable toys. An idea by designer Nicole de Bie, HOPPETEE is a soft box that can playfully hide clutter inside in an instant, but can make it reappear in no time.

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