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ikea meatballs
  • Check out these crazy NYC-inspired tattoos. [Refinery 29]
  • Why can you get an entire Swedish meatball meal at Ikea for $5.99? So you’ll automatically assume everything else in the store is a steal. [NYP]
  • The story behind Seinfeld’s very realistic, but fake subway set. [Gothamist]
  • This skull ash tray uses functional form to prod smokers to quit. [Designboom]
  • Go inside LinkedIn’s new Empire State Building office. Inspired by social clubs, it features a ’20s speakeasy lounge hidden behind a wall of vintage rotary phones. [Fast Co. Design]

Images: Ikea meatballs (L); Seinfeld episode on the subway (R)

Daily Link Fix

  • Ikea’s latest Life at Home report focuses on the kitchen. Turns out, 46 percent of New Yorkers cook almost every weekday and 81 percent enjoy the art of cooking. But, no surprise here, we hardly ever eat in our kitchens or dining rooms. [IKEA]
  • Photos of ’90s newsstands show a grittier and cheaper New York City. [Daily Intelligencer]
  • This Saturday and Sunday is the 5th annual Sacred Sites Open House Weekend, where you can tour over 125 churches, synagogues, and meeting houses. [Landmarks Conservancy]
  • Past and Present: The International Cork Company of Greenpoint. [Brownstoner]
  • A diary of trying to walk 32 miles around Manhattan in one day. [Racked]
  • New documentary short “The Collector” takes you inside a Brooklyn apartment packed with $10 million in African art. [Gothamist]

Images: 4-2 via photopin (license) (L); Eldridge Street Synagogue (R)

Design, Products, Technology

Ikea Concept Kitchen 2025, smart kitchen, kitchen of the future, Ikea

As part of Milan Design Week, Ikea has revealed their Concept Kitchen 2025, created in collaboration with London-based design firm IDEO and students from Sweden’s Lund and Eindhoven universities. The futuristic kitchen prototype is based on predictions about what the world will be like ten years from now. It assumes we’ll all be living a much greener, reduced lifestyle and technology such as smart tables and drone-delivered groceries will run kitchen operations.

Learn all about the modern kitchen prototype

Furniture, Technology

Ikea, Wireless Charging Furniture

The latest trend in the electric world is USB outlets, which allow you to charge your devices right there in the wall socket without a plug. That still requires getting off the sofa and walking the probably two feet over to the outlet, though, which can really put a cramp in one’s “House of Cards”-binge-watching style. But thanks to a new furniture collection from Ikea, you can power up your phone without having to search for a cord and while still in the reclined position. The new line of lamps, bedside tables, and desks features integrated charging pads that allow users to simply place their wireless gadget on top.

Learn more about the new collection

Daily Link Fix

Brooklyn Bridge
  • Here are 21 secrets about Brooklyn. From a taxidermy museum to where to find a piece of Plymouth Rock. [Thrillist]
  • Bonnie Slotnick talks about losing the lease for her beloved rare and vintage cookbook store in the Village. [Grub Street]
  • Ikea is bringing back its midcentury furniture. [Fast Co. Design]
  • Flatiron Plaza will be illuminated by twinkling walls of LED lights and mirrors. The art installation is called New York Light. [DNAinfo]
  • Tour a Buddhist monk’s West Village home. [The Cut]

Images: Brooklyn Bridge (L); New York Light via INABA (R)

City Living, Design

new york in the morning, new yorkers in the morning, IKEA Life at Home NYC

IKEA has made their way into homes across the world, but with their latest project ‘Life at Home‘ the furniture giant finds themselves square at our breakfast tables. Although you may think that your mornings aren’t all that different from someone in say Paris or London (or in the next cubicle for that matter), as New Yorkers we’re pretty distinct in how we wake up, how we dress ourselves, and even how long we shower.

The company’s Life at Home report is the first of what will be a series of studies geared towards developing new home products in line with a particular city’s waking habits. The report covers seven other cities, including Paris, Berlin, London, Moscow, but of course, we’re going to bring you the top findings from their NYC study. Many of these were surprising…

How New Yorkers spend their mornings this way

Daily Link Fix

craffles, food truck, morningside heights, vendy awards, street vendor awards, food truck awards
  • NY Daily News announces the launch of the 7th annual Governors Island Art Fair where “100 artists fill 100 rooms in the island’s former military barracks with their paintings, video installations, sculptures and photography.”
  • I Quant NYC maps out where you can find the 25 winning street vendors of the 10th annual Vendy Awards. Time to grub on!
  • Supposedly in 1824 it was proposed to saw off part of Manhattan to keep it from sinking. Read the craziness on Untapped Cities.
  • Touchy subject, but why is Brooklyn part of New York anyway? Tremr tells the story of The Great Mistake of 1898.
  • Climbing into bed – literally. Designboom reports that in celebration of IKEA’s Clermont-Ferrand store in France, they’ve created a climbable apartment wall.

Images: Craffle food truck via their Facebook page; IKEA climbable apartment via Designboom

Daily Link Fix

Daily Link Fix: Sleep on the Job; Toasted or Untoasted Bagels?

By Alyssa Alimurung, Wed, September 3, 2014

Daily Link Fix

55 Hudson Yards, skyscraper on building,
  • IKEA Lamp Changes Colors with Your Mood: It’s the mood ring of the 21st century. PSFK examines how designer Vittorio Cuculo hacked an IKEA lamp so that the world may know exactly how he’s feeling. Invasion of privacy? Possibly. Totally awesome? Definitely.
  • Architects Pushing Fashion Forward: Architizer shows us that architects love fashion, and demonstrates it by giving us a few examples of how architects are infiltrating the fashion industry.
  • A Skyscraper on Top of a Building: A Manhattan building has been eating its veggies and plans to grow 51 stories in the next three years. Or maybe Hudson Yards is building a skyscraper on top of it. Details. Gizmodo has more details on 55 Hudson Yards, the building that literally rests on the shoulders of another.
  • Run, Don’t Walk, to Shake Shack Right: Because we love you and want your tummy to get all the yummy goodness the city has to offer, we’re spreading the word for Brooklyn Mag: Shake Shack is serving corn dogs and blueberry pie milkshakes, all to honor our country’s birthday. Just make sure you brush up on your 6sqft news while you eat that patriotic meal.

Images: 55 Hudson Yards (left), Shake Shack patriotic meal (right)


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