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Studio Harm en Elke, ceramic flower pot, Wall flowers, glazed ceramic, small plants vessel, ceramic wall pocket, Design Academy of Eindhoven, Sectie-C, Eindhoven, Dutch design

Is your home so cramped that you can’t even find space for a new plant? Well, what about your walls? Studio Harm en Elke came out with a simple and sweet solution that creates pockets for your wall. Dubbed “Wall Flowers,” these little ceramic vessels can hold single flowers, a small cactus, shoots or any other modestly-sized plant.

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Design, Furniture

Noya Brings ’80s Nostalgia Back With a Pin Art-Inspired Cabinet 

By Ana Lisa Alperovich, Sun, November 29, 2015

Jaimy Noya, glazed furniture, Memento Cabinet, Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design (MAFAD), Dutch design, Pin Art – Pin Impression Toys, 80s nostalgia, minimalistic wardrobe,

Dutch designer Jaimy Noya brings the fun of a 1980s pin impression toy to a contemporary cabinet called Memento. The glassy, elegant bureau is designed to store precious belongings, regardless of shape and size; just pin any object and watch the piece’s back metamorphosize into a porcupine.

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Art, Design, Products, Technology

Wieland Voge expanding light, Aureool a.k.a Halo

In a city where hundreds of interesting happenings occur each week, some days, you just want to make magic happen from the comfort of your own home. If you live alone, or just happen to hold an impromptu party once in a while, have a look at this incredible expanding design. Created by Dutch designer Wieland Vogel, “Aureool a.k.a Halo” is a brilliant chandelier that contracts and expands with a simple flick of the hand.

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Furniture, Green Design

Space-Saving Chair Pops Up From a Single Sheet of Bamboo

By Ana Lisa Alperovich, Wed, September 9, 2015

Robert Van Embricqs, Bamboo chair, sculptural chair, Rising Chair, Flatpack design, wooden seat, Dutch design

“To what degree is the object you’re creating capable of dictating its own design? Is it even possible for an object to ‘tell’ for which form its best suited? And if so, what will the end result be?” Following this train of thought, designer Robert Van Embricqs created The Rising Chair, a bamboo seat that assembles in just a few seconds. Made from interconnected, renewable bamboo slats, this pop-up seat starts off as a flat surface and only needs to be pulled upwards to create a chair.

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Design, Furniture

Fresh Futon KARUP, space saving furniture, futon, pine furniture

Everybody wants to visit NYC, and as most New Yorkers know from firsthand experience, whether you like it or not, the couch often ends up being a crash pad for friends and family. That’s why we love KARUP‘s Fresh Futon; not only does it provide a comfy place to relax after the daily grind, but it’s also the perfect bed for out-of-town guests. Plus, unlike the futons you slept on in college, this one’s actually stylish.

more on this fantastic design here

Design, Furniture

Visser & Meijwaard’s Brilliant Furniture Zips Open and Closed

By Ana Lisa Alperovich, Mon, August 3, 2015

Visser & Meijwaard, colorful furniture, True Colors, Dutch design, easy wash, PVC, YKK zipper

Dutch studio Visser & Meijwaard designed a series of furniture pieces that combine a sleek wooden base topped by plastic upholstery with YKK zippers. Easy to wash, bright and bold, the True Colors collection consists of stools, benches, and wardrobes inspired by traditional camping furniture that zip and unzip with the ease of a backpack or your favorite pair of jeans.

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Design, Furniture

Dutch design, Frederik Roijé, rusty fireplace, Smokestack, garden fireplace, outdoors fireplace, sculptural fireplace, Corten steel

The design of outdoor fireplaces isn’t a field much explored by designers, but if you have one in your garden, patio or deck you’ve probably enjoyed having friends and family gather together to take in the warming glow. One designer that’s made fireplaces look especially cool is Frederik Roijé who recently unveiled a tall and lean fire pit with a gorgeous rusty skin. Inspired by the archetypal factory chimney, his ‘Smokestack’ has a stunning modern design for cozying up in style.

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Art, Furniture, Green Design

Robert Kolenik’s Stylish Aquarium is Actually a Kitchen Island

By Ana Lisa Alperovich, Tue, October 14, 2014

Robert Kolenik, Ocean Kitchen, Corian, fish Aquarium, limited edition design, innovative fish tank, Dutch design

If you like keeping aquariums filled with fish in your home, you might as well turn the tank into a stylish and useful feature. Designed by Robert Kolenik, this eye-catching kitchen island doubles as a stunning bluish aquarium. The crazy idea comes from the Netherlands and is called Ocean Kitchen.

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Green Design, Products, Technology

Floris Wubben, textured vases, Pressed Objects, epoxy resin, DIY press machine, Dutch design

Tactility is especially important in today’s day and age, as we’re in constant competition with a world full of screens. That is the beauty of Floris Wubben‘s Pressed Objects; they aim to bring back textures to our day-to-day life. Made from pressed epoxy clay, the objects come in the shape of vases, flowerpots, and recipients, all created by a coalition between the hands and a machine.

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Furniture, Green Design

Floris Wubben, Plyfelt, felt and steel, felt seat, Dutch design

Playful and made from felt, Plyfelt is an exploration in materials in the form of a unique, undulating seat. The work of Dutch designer Floris Wubben, this two-person sofa fashions the eco-friendly fiber into a wave-form for a naturally comfortable rest you’ll want to plant your—erm—bottom on.

Learn more about this contrasting piece


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