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Bono, composter, Ala Sieradzka

Composting in New York City can be challenging to say the least. Not only are you dealing with the constant changing of the seasons, but space in this densely packed town is also sparse. However, with every challenge is also an opportunity, and much like many of the other problems associated with these limitations we look to design to keep us moving in the right direction. On the composting front Polish designer Ala Sieradzka‘s as made for us Bono, a compact countertop composter spun from powder-coated aluminum that comes with an equally stylish cork lid and base.

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Green Design, Products

Uroboro, vermicomposter, Marco Balsinha, home composters, worm composting

New Yorkers tend to be pretty environmentally conscious, but when it comes to composting, we just don’t have the means to make it work without backyards or bulky, high-tech appliances. With these limitations in mind, Portuguese designer Marco Balsinha has come up with a solution. His  home vermicomposter called Uroboro is a simple design of stacked pots that hold dirt and food waste, which is broken down by earthworms. Explained by Core 77, it’s corked on the bottom and topped by a planter that indicates the level of decomposition.

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