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Tired of sleeping through the snooze every morning, hitting the button over and over again to only wake up sleepier? Then you might want to consider Ruggie, an efficient alarm clock-rug by Winson Tam that will only stop buzzing if you actually get out of bed and step firmly on it. And to help ease the pain of leaving the warmth of the covers, it will then play daily motivational quotes, setting a positive mood for the day.

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Caffeine fiends were pretty excited when we featured the Bariseur, a hybrid coffee brewer-alarm clock that wakes you up with a fresh cup of Joe. But what if you’re not a coffee drinker or if some mornings you’d prefer to rise with the aroma of the seaside rather than espresso? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

SensorWake is a scent-based alarm clock that wakes you up with the aroma of chocolate instead of the sound of a blaring horn. It uses interchangeable scent cartridges that include the aforementioned seaside and chocolate, coffee, of course, hot croissants, peaches, rose, peppermint, and, curiously, dollars, among others. Each cartridge is good for about 60 wake-up calls, and the company claims it will have your eyes open in two minutes. If you’re still snoozing in three minutes, a traditional sound-based alarm will go off.

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If you dread waking up to the painful buzz of an alarm clock, this new design might be the way make your morning hustle a slower, more delightful experience. Envisioned by British designer Joshua Renouf, The Bariseur is a coffee brewer and an alarm clock all in one. This unique hybrid machine will wake you up with a freshly brewed cup, letting you enjoy a few more minutes in bed.

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