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ittyblox building set

Modernists and preservationists can now plan the city of their dreams without a war of words from their opposing side. Called Ittyblox, this 3D-printed modular collection features tiny structures, ranging from Tudors to modern towers, that can be arranged—and re-arranged—to make a diorama of dynamic city blocks.

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Central Park water fountain
  • The design history of New York City’s public drinking fountains. [re:form]
  • Inside Underwest Donuts, a boutique donut shop in a West Side car wash. [Untapped]
  • What you can see from the tallest observation decks on Earth. [Gizmodo]
  • China constructs the world’s first 3D-printed apartment building. [CNET]

Images: Drinking fountain (L); West Side Highway Car Wash via Underwest Donuts (R)

Design, Products

3D-Printed Pendant Lights, The Rumbles, Studio MeraldiRubini

We’re no strangers to the 3D printing movement (we even know someone who’s printing an entire estate), but we still get excited when we find a product that not only incorporates the technology, but is also a beautiful, striking design. The Rumbles made just that impression on us.

Using 3D printers, industrial design firm Studio MeraldiRubini created this collection of three pendant lights characterized by soft and sinuous shapes that artistically filter light.

More details on the Rumbles ahead

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  • Take a behind-the-scenes tour of Macy’s in 1948. [Messy Nessy]
  • A new exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, Crossing Brooklyn, will showcase work from 35 artists and collectives from the borough. [Hyper Allergic]
  • The city may need to hire a proofreader… a new Brooklyn street sign misspelled Remsen Street. [Daily News]
  • Hershey’s is creating a 3D chocolate printer. [Business Insider]
  • Here’s 21 great historical details from New York City’s most famous Christmas movie, Miracle on 34th Street. [Bowery Boys]

Images: Macy’s via LIFE (L); 3D-printed Hershey’s Kiss via Hershey’s (R)

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3D-printed paws
  • Derby the dog was able to run for the first time thanks to 3D-printed paws. [Designboom]
  • This Staten Island library recalls the neighborhood’s maritime and oystering history. [ArchDaily]
  • Fashion Week needs a new home; it’s been evicted from Lincoln Center. [West Side Rag]
  • NYC’s “awkwardly shaped” tax lots, like the Hess Triangle, equal over five million square feet of land. See it all mapped out. [Untapped]
  • Amazon’s Prime Now will deliver packages to Manhattan within an hour. [Gothamist]

Images: Derby the dog via Derby Portanova (L); Fashion Week via The Style PA via photopin cc (R)

Design, Technology

Computer Scientist Invents Technology That 3D Prints Gardens

By Alyssa Alimurung, Thu, December 11, 2014

Yuichiro Takeuchi, 3d printer, 3d printing, gardening, 3d-printing gardens

At this point, you already know you can 3D print anything from furniture to entire estates, but now you can even add gardens to the list. Yuichiro Takeuchi, a computer scientist at the Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Tokyo, has invented a way to create herb and flower gardens using the incredible technology. And the best part? You can manipulate the plants’ shape into anything your heart desires; so go ahead and grow as many cat-shaped plants as you want. Read on at Inhabitat to learn more about the project.


6sqft gift guide, Green Design, Products

Candles are probably the easiest, most common holiday gift when you just don’t have a clue what to get someone. But after several years of giving the same old candle, it gets a little boring. So we’ve found the perfect outside-the-box candle for architecture buffs, tech nerds, or anyone who will love an attractive eco-candle.

The AU Collection by artist and designer Andrej Urem is a series of 3D-printed candles inspired by architectural forms. And they’re made right here in Brooklyn.

More on the AU Collection


Hush earplugs, smart earplugs, 3D printing

Does your roommate insist on slamming the doors at all hours of the night? Do you have an upstairs neighbor who decides to practice tap dancing at 3am? Whatever your noisy apartment horror story may be, there’s a common conundrum we encounter when trying to block out the racket: how to wear earplugs but not miss the alarm.

A group of engineers must have heard about our sleep-deprived woes because they’ve created Hush, earplugs that connect wirelessly to a smartphone, so users can hear the sounds they need to while blocking out the rest. Plus, they can play white noise, ocean waves, or a crackling fire if you need some soothing sounds to get you to sleep. And the charging dock doubles as a carrying case and phone charger (what can’t these earplugs do?).

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Daily Link Fix

Renzo Piano, Whitney Museum
  • The Whitney Museum of American Art’s new Renzo Piano-designed building along the High Line will open in May. [NY Times]
  • Historic photos of the New York garbage strike of 1911. [The Bowery Boys]
  • SantaCon’s not going to Bushwick after all. The organizers said the neighborhood “does not have the capacity to be an appropriate destination for this year’s celebration.” [am NY]
  • The Street Museum of Art is taking over boring billboards with unique street art. [Bowery Boogie]
  • A round up of 3D-printed holiday gifts. [Mashable]

Images: New Whitney via Timothy Schenck (L); Street art billboard via Street Museum of Art (R)

Design, Furniture

As New Yorkers, we’re always on the hunt for space-saving furniture, but oftentimes those pieces don’t quite meet our design esthetics. The Tripod Furniture collection, however, is an exception.

Created by Polish design studio Poorex, the beach wood furniture puts a contemporary twist on the classic photography stand. The collection includes a lamp, clock, an adjustable mirror, two types of tables, and a toy. And since the pieces are able to expand and contract, the user can modify the tripod’s height and angle to their specific needs, as well as fold it up for easy storage.

More details on the Tripod Furniture


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