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  • Residents of East New York react to the city’s revitalization plan for their neighborhood. [WSJ]
  • A developer’s best friends: The father and son law team who have worked for decades to secure changes to properties’ permitted use or size. [WSJ]
  • Renzo Piano’s design for the new Whitney Museum along the High Line is almost complete. [Curbed]
  • A map of non-profit organizations that have sold off their buildings for large sums to residential developers. [Curbed]
  • The Sultan of Brunei is not interested in buying a London or New York hotel, after all. [TRD]
  • What the 7-story luxury residential development on Attorney Street will look like. [Bowery Boogie]

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Architecture, Design, Interiors, Upstate

  • By Dana Schulz
  • , August 19, 2014

When you think farmhouse, images of red barns and wooden fences probably come to mind. But the CCO1 House by Levenbetts couldn’t stray farther from this nostalgic vision; and that’s a good thing.

Built in the middle of an agricultural field in Columbia County, New York, this contemporary home was designed to work around the site’s existing linear grooves, etched into the rolling hills from years of farming. The organization, cladding, and details all take the topography into account, and the house steps up from east to west to follow the contour of the land.

Plenty more design details are ahead

Cool Listings, Design

  • By Ana Lisa Alperovich
  • , August 19, 2014

Italian designer Federica Bubani is constantly researching and experimenting with new materials, but she especially loves ceramics. One of her latest designs, the beautifully strange Nordic Lamp, was the result of one of her explorations. The lamp consists of two parts made from the earthen material, which together with the wooden parts and grey cable give the design a cool Scandinavian appearance.

More details on this beautifully simple Nordic Lamp here

Daily Link Fix

  • 99 Problems with NYC, But Love Ain’t One: There’s only so much love you can give to the city. You’ll find yourself nodding at basically all of these gripes Thrillist rounded up about life in NYC.
  • Drones Were Recording Your City And You Probably Didn’t Even Know: Team BlackSheep released their drones in cities to take some pretty amazing aerial shots, some even of people waving at the drone. Architizer features 20 of their best videos; looks like the one from NYC was taken sometime in winter.
  • Furniture That Encourages Activity: Imagine having to get up to turn on a light or get up on your toes for something on a shelf or even “actively” sitting in a chair – blasphemy! With so many inventions popping up that make these simple things as easy as a touch on a smartphone, French industrial designer Benoît Malta crafted his Passive Behavior collection. His furniture requires some kind of activity to be useful, such as his two-legged chair. See how that works at Treehugger.
  • Are Renovations To US Embassies Putting Employees At Risk?: Money, politics and design – seems like a balancing act right? Since 2009, when Secretary of State John Kerry commented that US Embassies look like “fortresses”, many have been re-designed to be more welcoming. But is increased appeal coming at the expense of security? Hyperallergic has an interesting op/ed on the subject.

Interiors, Quirky Homes, Recent Sales, Soho

Soho Loft with Taxidermy Tendencies Sells for $4.7M

By Dana Schulz, Tue, August 19, 2014

  • By Dana Schulz
  • , August 19, 2014

We were quite astounded when, earlier this summer, we came across a taxidermy-filled apartment on Central Park West (there’s a first time for everything!). And now, in an even more surprising twist, we’ve stumbled upon another “stuffed animal” loving pad. Though not filled to the brims like our first find, this apartment at 465 West Broadway will still make you look twice.

The three-bedroom unit has been picked up by jewelry designer and artist Lisa Pevaroff for $4.7 million. Likely selling points include 15 windows, four exposures, and an easily convertible floor plan.

Check out the rest of this funky home

Brooklyn Heights, Cool Listings, Historic Homes, Interiors

  • By Stephanie Hoina
  • , August 19, 2014

We have never been more thankful for the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And though we may have expressed this sentiment before when bringing you other properties, we are pretty sure our words for this $16,000,000 townhouse at 192 Columbia Heights may fall a wee bit short. Fortunately, we have lots of lovely photos in our gallery to ensure you are properly astonished. We had our pick of beautiful Brooklyn residences to share with you today, but this one called to us. It wasn’t a “Pick me, pick me!” kind of calling, but more of a “Could this home be anymore beautiful?” type of calling. In our humble opinion the answer is “no.”

Come see why this home spoke to us, and in turn, left us speechless

maps, Social Media, Transportation

  • By Dana Schulz
  • , August 19, 2014

If you ride the New York City subway you likely have some type of app installed on your smart phone that provides a map of the underground system or calculates the time to the next train. And it’s just as likely that your app doesn’t have a feature for accessibility. For those who cannot push through a crowd on the stairs or bolt up the left side of the escalator, the subway is extremely hard to navigate and oftentimes quite useless, as only 18% of stations have accessible elevators. To address this major flaw in our mass transit system, Anthony Driscoll developed a new app called Wheely, which helps those with accessibility needs (wheelchair users, the elderly, parents with strollers, injured people, etc.) better navigate the subway. All the details on the smart new app here

Architecture, Design, Interiors, Upper West Side 

  • By Dana Schulz
  • , August 19, 2014

Walking down West 87th Street past the stately brick and brownstone townhouses, a stunning white home with huge picture windows stands out as something special. The magic really starts, though, upon entering the house. Renovated by Steven Harris Architects, this striking townhouse not only provides a spacious layout filled with tasteful contemporary furniture, but the firm’s work retains historic details like ornate crown moldings and the original, commanding staircase. The highlight of the townhouse is the oversized windows, which let in plenty of natural light, offer cross ventilation, and open to an abundance of outdoor space. Tour the rest of this Upper West Side beauty

Design, Furniture, Interiors, Social Media, Technology

  • By Diane Pham
  • , August 18, 2014

The brilliant minds over at The Morpholio Project are at again, and this time they’ve introduced a real doozy to their already impressive suite of design apps. Devised for interior design professionals and design enthusiasts alike, this ground-breaking new application is pretty much like Pinterest on steroids, but made for the tech savvy who never stop creating. Featuring an incredible cloud library of over 1,000 top-notch curated design products and a highly refined suite of editing tools, this powerful app allows you to pull images of everything from furniture to materials to complete backdrops, onto a digital board that can be manipulated and transformed into a one of a kind vision: your own. The app was launched today and is now available at the Apple store for free!

More on this game-changing design app here

Real Estate Wire

  • A developer is demanding volunteers pay $1M if they want to keep their community garden. [NYP]
  • The Sultan of Brunei is hotel shopping in NYC and London and is reported to have has his eyes set on The Plaza. [WSJ]
  • A campaign to build a light rail system on Staten Island has been relaunched—nearly 10 years after the idea was first pitched. [DNA Info]
  • Celebrated sculptor Alexander Ney, 74, is being evicted from his home after his landlord lied to him about his rent-stabilized status. Ney’s family is frantically trying to get everything out of the apartment before officials come to seize the property. [Gothamist]
  • Three contaminated Bronx properties will be cleaned up and rebuilt as affordable housing with the help of $300,000 in federal grants and loans. [Crain’s]
  • Are open plans losing their appeal? Frank Lloyd Wright is rolling over in his grave right now. [NYO]

An open plan apartment at Seven Harisson (left); The Sultan of Brunei (right)


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