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Monday will be a dark day for straphangers: At 5am, the 145th Street 3 station will close through November, the 23rd Street F, M station will close through December, and the Jamaica Center-bound 104th Street J, Z platform will close through January. This compounds the usual slew of service changes and the fact that the M is simply not running this weekend, and the E and F are having a masquerade as one another. In good news, by the MTA’s estimates the Avenue U, Avenue P, Avenue N, Bay Parkway and Avenue I Manhattan-bound platforms should be reopening this month.

Compared to the above, the other changes are more palatable

weekend subway service

28th Street subway station, 4 6

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Next week will start with the closure of yet another station for “enhancements.” This time, the 28th Street 4, 6 station will be the one to close, through December, while it is “enhanced”. Additional bad news this week is that even alternate shuttle buses now have service changes, apparently, with crane operations requiring eastbound 4 shuttle buses to reroute and run via Riverdale Avenue instead of from Livonia Avenue to Thomas S. Boyland Avenue. Also, for those who missed the initial news: the A isn’t running to Far Rockaway-Mott Av, and the Rockaway Park Shuttle isn’t servicing Broad Channel through September.

The full slate of service changes this way

weekend subway service

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Beachgoers, beware: there aren’t any A trains running to Far Rockaway-Mott Av, nor Rockaway Park Shuttle service at Broad Channel, through the end of the summer. Some seriously poor timing on the MTA’s part, but the agency has never been known for greatness or awareness. As well, a slew of stations remain closed in Manhattan on the A, C and B lines and new this weekend, an elevator is being installed at the 62nd Street/New Utrecht Av D, N station, causing the closure of its transfer passageway through August. Beginning 5am Monday, the 57th Street F station will also close, through December.

There are of course plenty of temporary service changes as well

weekend subway service

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The 2 and 3 are finally running between Brooklyn and Manhattan on weekends again, but now two stations are closing (as two others reopen) in Astoria, and the 1 train has a slew of disruptive service changes planned at least for this weekend. Everything pales with the hell set for Rockaway residents this summer, as the A and Rockaway Park Shuttle won’t be connecting the beach to the mainland again until September.

Quite the unfortunate timing

weekend subway service

Times Square subway grumpy face

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The regular slew of service changes awaits straphangers this weekend, but one longtime inconvenience will be coming to an end this Sunday: weekend 2 and 3 service between Brooklyn and Manhattan will resume at last. For 4 and G train riders, though, the weekend will be a particularly inconvenient one.

Here’s the full damage

weekend subway service

Subway service changes (relatively) minimal this weekend

By Hannah Frishberg, Fri, June 15, 2018

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Rejoice: Straphangers are being a granted a relief from the past two weeks’ truly brutal service changes this weekend and upcoming week. That’s not to say the subways won’t be a mess, especially for those reliant on the 4 and 6 trains, but the track work’s impact will have, by comparison, a far more manageable planned impact.

The bar is so, so low

weekend subway service

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For the second week in the row, the incumbent late night weekday service changes are arguably worse than those on the weekend. The Q and S alone are the only lines without set service changes, and who knows what kind of signal delays might change even that small bit of reassurance.

In terms of service changes, the weekdays are beginning to meld with the weekends

weekend subway service

Subway Mural primary colors

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The weekend will be extending into the week in the worst way possible this Monday, with the kind of service changes usually reserved for Saturday and Sunday spilling into workdays. While the A and C trains win this week for most convoluted service changes, the 4 also deserves a nod, and the vast majority of lines have far more than average changes.

All the disruptions

weekend subway service

Subway train yard, Brooklyn

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This week was a big one for the MTA, with NYC Transit President Andy Byford releasing the Fast Forward plan, with 10 years worth of road map for necessary modernizations to be made to the subway system, as well as an announcement that subway service will possibly be increased during off-peak, weekday hours beginning in November along the A, D, E and F lines. Much more immediately, many of this weekend’s subway service changes will extend into Monday and early Tuesday due to Memorial Day and the long weekend.

Read on for the service change specifics

weekend subway service

Avenue M subway

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The MTA has finally announced when normal weekend service will resume along the 2 and 3 lines, which have not been running between Brooklyn and Manhattan on Saturdays and Sundays for months: Sunday, June 24 at 12:01 a.m. Until then, though, it’s tough luck if you need to get to the Park Place, Wall Street, Clark Street, and/or Hoyt Street stops on the weekend.

In other news, the MTA has begun inexplicably including borough names in service change descriptions to offer unnecessary specificity even when the station, such as Howard Beach-JFK, only exists in one borough and is well-known.

All this weekend’s madness


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