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Thanksgiving searches, CityLab, Thanksgiving trends

Infographic via CityLab

The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line may get inundated with calls on Thanksgiving and the days leading up to the holiday, but when it comes to internet searches there are no turkeys in site. Google Maps analyzed Thanksgiving trends from the past three years to reveal some hilarious and unexpected topics. For example, the top national day-of search is “buffet restaurants,” and in New York City specifically, Thanksgiving is apparently a day to find tattoo shops (matching ink for the whole family?). The folks over at CityLab compiled the data into two fun infographics that show the surprising priorities of Americans around the holiday.

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Manhattan Rental Prices, The Real Deal, NYC Real Estate trends

Graph courtesy of The Real Deal

Looking for a rental under $2,000 a month? Keep your fingers crossed and head to the Upper East Side. In a new analysis of on-line residential exclusive listings data as of October 8th, The Real Deal concludes that there are more Manhattan rentals priced above $15,000 than there are under $2,000, further proving that the uber-luxury market is not letting up. But for the latter category, the neighborhoods of Yorkville, Carnegie Hill, and Lenox Hill are the best bet. In fact, the UES has more listings below $2,000 than all of Manhattan south of Central Park.

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New York: The Ultimate Skyscraper Laboratory, Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, NYC skyscrapers, NYC supertalls

Charts related to skyscrapers typically compare the world’s tallest buildings, but a new interactive timeline from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) shows the ebb and flow of skyscraper construction in NYC and how it resembles the country’s boom and bust cycles (h/t CityLab). The timeline is part of a larger report called “New York: The Ultimate Skyscraper Laboratory,” which also examines the function and location of recent supertall towers going up during today’s boom cycle.

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world income taxes, tax infographic, UBS report

You might want to think twice before complaining about your tax statement this year. While Americans, and New Yorkers especially, tend to think they’re coughing up a ludicrous amount of their salary to Uncle Sam, this infographic (h/t Business Insider) shows how much other major cities across the world pay in income tax and social security contributions. For example, income taxes in Copenhagen are at 44.7 percent and in Stockholm at 27 percent, while New York City is 13.8 . On the other end of the spectrum, the rate in Dubai, Buenos Aires, and Lima is 0 percent.

Check out the full infographic

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housing typology by city

Created by the Washington Post

The American dream may be to own a sprawling single-family home with a picket fence, but clearly very few New Yorkers are interested in that fantasy. Instead, as this fascinating infographic breaking down the most-popular housing typologies across the 40 largest U.S. cities points out, less than 10 percent of NYC inhabitants live in a detached single unit. The majority, in fact, reside in buildings with 20 or more apartments.

See how 40 of America’s largest cities stack up against one another


US GDP by state infographic-

Would you guess that Texas has a bigger or smaller economy than New York? Which state would you say is the smallest contributor to our nation’s $17.3 trillion GDP? This fascinating chart created by breaks down the relative economic value of each state (in 2014 dollars) into one digestible diagram that’s sure to start a conversation—if not offer a whole new respect for states like Florida and New Jersey.

Get a more detailed look here

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How New Yorkers Commute, NYC public transportation

We already know that there are plenty of areas within the five boroughs that are underserved by public transportation, but a new visualization provides an interesting perspective on how this lack of service is related to income. The simple infographic by FiveThirtyEight shows how New Yorkers commute based on income and access to public transportation, revealing five broad categories that range from those with no good options at all to those who have their choice of Uber or public transportation.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Ten Years of Trump

By Dana Schulz, Tue, August 25, 2015

Donald Trump infographic, Ten Years of Trump

Love him or hate him, not a day goes by anymore without Donald Trump making headlines. But the Donald was turning heads and raising eyebrows long before he launched his [fill in the blank] presidential campaign.

As CityRealty notes, “Over the years, Donald Trump’s buildings have commanded a premium in New York’s pricey real estate market, with apartments in Trump’s 11 condo towers selling for 31% more, on average, than other Manhattan condos. In 2015, Trump condos have sold for an average of $3 million, compared to the $2.4 million average of other Manhattan condos.” And let’s not forget about his personal real estate transaction when, just last month, he sold his never-lived-in penthouse at Trump Park Avenue for $21.4 million.

In addition to putting together this data, CityRealty created a fun infographic that details the highs and lows of Trump’s past ten years. From marrying his third wife to filing for corporate bankruptcy to buying a Boeing 757 that’s outfitted with 24k gold-plated seat belts, have a look at the kooky decade that led up to Donald Trump’s one-of-a-kind presidential run.

Get the full-size version of the infographic here >>

WNYC also has a great piece on “What it Means to Put ‘Trump’ on the Front of a Building” which you can read here >>



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MLB All-Stars Infographic, CityRealty, NYC real estate infographics, MLB salaries

Last July we took a look at what the world’s top soccer players’ salaries are worth in NYC real estate. This summer, we’re delving into America’s pastime. And since tonight is the 2015 MLB All-Star GameCityRealty created this fun infographic of the real estate that top-paid All-Stars can buy in NYC versus in their home cities. Considering that the total contract salaries of all the All-Star starters is $2 billion, it’s not surprising that this chunk of change can buy all the condos in the Sony Building conversion or every Manhattan apartment sold in May of 2015. And when you break it down by player, it’s even more eye-popping. Zack Greinke’s $25 million salary, for example, can buy him a swanky penthouse in 50 UN Plaza or 26 residences in his home state of California. David Price’s $19.8 million salary will nab him a 77th-floor unit at 30 Park Place or a whopping 314 homes in Detroit.

Get the full-size version of the infographic here >>



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NYC Property Values, cartograms, Metrocosm

We know New York City is ridiculously expensive, but what about its property values? Because of the city’s confusing “market value” system, true property values are often grossly underestimated. To provide a more accurate look, the data buffs over at Metrocosm have put together these visually telling cartograms of real property values in NYC, substituting land area for total property value. The maps not only compare values in New York with those throughout the rest of the country, but they also look at how property values are concentrated within the five boroughs.

The data reveals some striking facts. New York City makes up a whopping 5 percent of the nation’s property value, coming in at $1.5 trillion. When you single out Manhattan’s $733 billion, it could be the 14th most valuable state in the country. The Upper East Side, which occupies less than one square mile, has $96 billion in housing value–more than entire states like New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming and Alaska.

More findings, maps, and graphs ahead


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