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Funky Desk Is Kid-Friendly and Has Secret Compartments

By Rebecca Paul, Sun, February 21, 2016

Rafa Kids, K-desk, kids furniture

This funky table from furniture retailer Rafa Kids is cleverly designed to resemble the letter K when viewed from the side (hence its name, K Desk). The design also features rounded corners (to keep little noggins safe) and a useful lid that reveals a second table top when lifted. The underside of the lid also doubles as a bulletin board to hang drawings or photos.

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Tracey Boyd

Talented furniture designer Tracey Boyd gathers inspiration for her work by collecting ideas, experiences, and unique items found throughout her extensive travels. In the past, she’s designed pieces based on salvaged drawer pulls from her hometown in England and ancient murals from across the world. Her Lacquered Cache Coffee Table, part of a collection with Anthropologie, is derived from the shape and function of a Japanese noodle bowl and is separated into four equal sections. Each quadrant opens to allow for additional storage within the table.

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Iwona Kosicka, SWING

Chairs come in all shapes and sizes, but more often than not they’re simply four legs, a seat, and a back. But this standard form did not appeal to Polish designer Iwona Kosicka, as she recently introduced the world to SWING, her legless floating circle chair. This out-of-the-box design gracefully hangs from the ceiling and features refined woodwork, adding fun and sophistication to any room.

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Otaku, Tal Engel, wood veneer bathtub

Beautiful design comes in all shapes and sizes, but a bathtub carefully crafted from strips of wood veneer is not something you see everyday. From Israeli designer Tal Engel, this gorgeous bathtub known as Otaku is constructed from this very process by weaving together strips of white ash and maple veneer.

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Gilles Belly, room furniture collection, VIA

Most New Yorkers are more than familiar with the trials and tribulations posed by our spatially-challenged living arrangements. However, with every one of life’s obstacles, there’s a potential opportunity waiting just under the surface. That’s exactly what Parisian designer Gilles Belley intended to uncover when he was awarded a grant from VIA, a French organization promoting local design. With funding in hand, Gilles set out to research and develop furniture that would address the needs of modern city living. His solution includes a collection of three pieces formally titled “Rooms,” which includes AREA, WALL and BLOCK, each designed to provide more flexibility for how we function in and define our living spaces.

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Moody Nest Is a Cuddly Wrap-Up Sofa Perfect for Hibernation

By Ana Lisa Alperovich, Mon, February 8, 2016

Hannah Ernsting, cuddly sofa, Moody Nest, Frankfurt, German design, hibernating furniture, soft design, warm design, sofa, pouf, blanket,

Not looking forward to this week’s predicted wintery weather? Make the icy temps and slush-covered streets a little more bearable by coming home and cozying up with your sofa (this is also a great option if you’ll be spending Valentine’s Day solo). Moody Nest is Frankfurt-based designer Hanna Ernsting‘s pouf with a blanket that turns into the perfect place to hibernate.

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Yosemite Coat Rack, Uncommon Goods, mangosteen tree

As city dwellers, it’s important to incorporate elements of nature into our daily lives so we don’t become as stone-cold as the environment around us. That’s just one of the many reasons we love this Yosemite Coat Rack made from the mangosteen tree, which bears the exotic purple fruit found in Indonesia. And who wouldn’t want an enchanted forest greeting them at their front door?

The full story of the mangosteen tree

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This Floating Persian Rug Is Actually a Sturdy Chair

By Rebecca Paul, Tue, February 2, 2016

Jan Blythe, Stelios Mousarris

If you’re bored with all the standard seating options out there, this Carpet Chair will certainly perk you up. From Cyprus-based designer Stelios Mousarris, the wave-like furniture doubles as an optical illusion, taking on the form of a floating magic carpet, but functioning as a sturdy chair.

How does it do that?

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Sebastian Errazuriz, wooden chest, Mahogani Explosion, Maple wood, explosive design, wooden chest, transformable furniture

If you read 6sqft regularly, you probably know by now that we can’t get enough of New York designer Sebastian Errazuriz‘s industrial designs. We’ve previously featured his quirky, spiky-skinned chest, a giant golden cow piñata on show in Sunset Park, and more recently, his yawning video installation looping in Times Square. If you haven’t tired of him yet, get ready for another of his fantastical creations: Mahogani Explosion, a seemingly boring wooden chest that “explodes” to the sides as it’s opened.

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Sebastian Errazuriz, The space between the void, Kaleidoscope Cabinet, new York furniture design

The Space Between the Void (Kaleidoscope Cabinet)” is yet another attempt by New Yorker Sebastian Errazuriz to deconstruct the paradigm that a cabinet should simply be a box with two doors. 6sqft previously featured his Wave Cabinet and his Magistral Chest, but the psychedelic design of his latest creation deserves a special mention of its own. The Kaleidoscope Cabinet consists of a reflective storage unit that visually multiplies whatever is placed inside it, and it even has a peephole that functions just like its namesake children’s toy.

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