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Mieke Meijer, Airplane Wings inspired, Airframe 01, Dutch design, Eindhoven, oak veneer, Baars Bloemhoff, lightweight cupboard, storage cabinet

Dutch designer Mieke Meijer has created a cabinet that, while ideal for housing clothing or linens, is much more than just a storage piece. Called Airframe 01, it draws inspiration from the wings of early 20th-century airplanes, which were light, wooden structures covered with translucent white textiles.

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Whether you still live in the same state as you were born or you’ve ventured to a new part of the country, home is where the heart is. And these state-shaped barn wood side tables can help bring the essence of your favorite state right into your living room. The tables are handmade in Kentucky from reclaimed Tennessee barn wood, and each plank shows unique patterns of weather and wear, adding another layer of sentimentality to the mix.

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Clever Bed-Closet Combo Makes Room for Storage and Sleep

By Michelle Cohen, Mon, March 14, 2016

Storage bed, parisot, convertible furniture, small space solution, interiors, design

Dealing with a closet-sized bedroom or guest room? Optimizing the space for storage and sleep makes the familiar coziness of the tiny NYC bedroom a lot less frustrating, and this compact bed-storage combination from French design company Parisot is a cool solution.

Shelves on the side store books and knicknacks, but the real storage solution is within the bed’s frame. Lift the mattress to reveal drawers and shelves big enough for seasonal wardrobe items, linens, boxes and anything else you’d like to store out of the way but still have access to in the room.

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Stéphanie Marin, faceted seat, Les Angles, woolen seat, Smaring, Livingstones, oversized pebbles, acoustic properties, floor furniture, wall insulator, Roger Penrose,

Stéphanie Marin‘s Les Angles is a set of oversized floor cushions that can be arranged to form a faceted landscape within the home. The furniture collection was designed as part of Marin’s brand Smaring and consists of oversized shapes that work as both a seating area and decorative living space. It’s composed of eight elements interconnected by a lacing technique to form a flexible pavement able to cover the floor, ceiling, or walls. And it’s perfect for drafty or noisy NYC apartments, as the pieces have insulating and acoustic properties.

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Blandito, Oradaria, Furniture, Design,

For those getting-out-of-bed-but-not-really days, the creative minds at Oradoria Design have created the perfect place to snuggle up. Behold the Blandito — a blanket-meets-taco-meets-futon that looks like a whole lot of fun for the whole family. The soft, structure-free, transformable piece can be affixed in various shapes using natural wooden ball hooks. One day it’s a cuddle-extender, another it’s a kids’ play mat, and another it’s a binge-TV HQ. The only drawback we can think of is that being rolled up in a giant taco might make you crave the entire menu at your local food truck.

So what is this thing?

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1 East 62nd Street, Joan Rivers, Spencer condominium

When the beloved comedian Joan Rivers passed away in 2014, she left behind a lavish Upper East Side penthouse at 1 East 62nd Street packed with a collection of glittering designer gowns, gilded furnishings, jewelry and collected items that reflected a lifetime love of pretty things. Rivers herself once described the decor of the 5,100-square-foot triplex as “Louis XIV meets Fred and Ginger.”

Her apartment sold last summer for its asking price of $28 million to 65-year-old Saudi prince Muhammad bin Fahd, who reportedly plans to do a complete gut renovation. So, this summer, the contents of her Manhattan home will come up for auction at Christie’s, where 200 lots will be available in a live sale, and 80 lots will be included in an online auction from June 16-23.

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vivero acoustic tomoko

Staying focused at work can be challenging for a variety of different reasons, from the coworker who screams on personal calls to the colleague who chews gum with his mouth open, but this clever piece of office furniture is here to help you keep your head in the game (literally and figuratively). Tomoko, designed by MottoWasabi, is an acoustic dome that promotes privacy and concentration in open-plan offices, lobbies, and other public spaces, so you can physically create your own office no matter what your surroundings are.

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caravan bed by MathybyBols

This funky kid’s bed was designed to mimic a caravan, and we secretly wish they also made it in adult sizes! Not only is it cozy and playful, but it’s also super functional and equipped to handle even the most rugged camper. The bed is packed full of hidden storage space including the helm as the perfect home for toys stuffed animals or blankets. Plus the base of the bed double as a full-sized pull-out drawer.

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Chilean design, The Andes House, composite material, 'Ensamble', Pine Fibers Composite, Cholguán, Arauco, versatile room dividers, natural binding, offices-divider

Whether you live on an open-plan loft or tiny studio, you’ve probably, at least once, considered a reconfiguration of the space. Meet Ensamble, modular flexible room dividers, and the latest project by Chilean studio The Andes House. Lightweight, flexible and low-cost, the panels are easy to assemble into a small office or separate micro-space and were crafted from a sustainable composite material made from pine fibers.

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Funky Desk Is Kid-Friendly and Has Secret Compartments

By Rebecca Paul, Sun, February 21, 2016

Rafa Kids, K-desk, kids furniture

This funky table from furniture retailer Rafa Kids is cleverly designed to resemble the letter K when viewed from the side (hence its name, K Desk). The design also features rounded corners (to keep little noggins safe) and a useful lid that reveals a second table top when lifted. The underside of the lid also doubles as a bulletin board to hang drawings or photos.

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