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With moving frequently an assumed part of being a young adult today, furniture startup Burrow has released a new line of modular sofas that are easily assembled, affordable (prices range from $550 for a single chair to $1,150 for a four-seat couch), and can adapt to new spaces with pieces that can be tacked on or removed. The company also mixed the principals of two millennial-loved companies–Ikea’s flatpack approach to shipping and Casper matresses’ one-week free shipping and 100-day free return policy.

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Wouter Scheublin, wooden table, walking table, Nomadic furniture, spider-inspired, dutch design

When describing furniture as nomadic, it usually denotes lightweight, modular pieces that can easily be taken apart to move with you. But Dutch designer Wouter Scheublin created a table that needs no dismantling, as it can quite literally walk to your next home. Inspired by eight-legged creatures, the Walking Table is still graceful enough not to leave scuffing marks on your floor.

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living table, Habitat Horticulture

Two of the smartest things you can do when decorating your city-dwelling are to make use of indoor plants and to invest in multi-functional pieces of furniture. This brilliant new table, aptly named The Living Table, brings these two concepts together seamlessly. The innovative table design from Habitat Horticulture mimics how plants naturally absorb water from the ground, providing you with the perfect plant-ready furniture to house all of your favorite low-growing greenery.

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stack furniture, Debra Folz Design

There are all types of stackable furniture out there, and while many of them function perfectly well, they’re not always the most design-friendly items in the room. Enter Stack. This new product line from the Providence-based design firm Debra Folz Design is a sleek, stylish and stackable addition to your home decor. The units are constructed as rectangular-shaped boxes that fit together through a series of grooves, each cut to accommodate metal rods.

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MODOS, flat-pack furniture,

Lego-inspired furniture systems are huge right now, and MODOS may have taken the most modern and minimal approach to the trend. Other modular systems, like Muebloc and EverBlock, are made of “blocks” that easily fit together and mimic the childhood toy in both form and function, but MODOS uses only two components–the small brushed metal connector and streamlined slabs of wood–in its tool-free assembly of desks, shelves, stools, and more.

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Centrifugal forces shape these colorful stools by Maor Aharon

By Ana Lisa Alperovich, Fri, March 10, 2017

Maor Aharon, "Matter of motion" stools, Centrifugal forces, colorful resins, Israeli design

Israeli designer Maor Aharon says his work examines the boundaries between craft and industry, functional and decorative, and high- versus low-tech. This thought process is on view in his colorful “Matter of Motion” stools, which were designed through experiments in centrifugal forces and how they can be displayed through material and shape.

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MDK9 Dog Haus, modern dog house, RAH:DESIGN

While there are many doggie-abodes on the market, the designers at RAH:DESIGN found themselves struggling to find something that fit with their carefully curated home decor. Instead of continuing their search, they decided to take matters into their own hands and launched MDK9 Dog Haus. Not only was it constructed using modern home-building materials, but it includes human-level amenities such as an overhang for shading, metal mesh siding for ventilation, wheels for easy mobility, and a built-in feeder.

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Transformable Ollie chair unfurls with the pull of a string

By Michelle Cohen, Thu, February 23, 2017

ollie, ollie chair, rockpaperrobot, transforming furniture, space saving furniture, jessica banks

If you’ve ever wished an ergonomic, well-designed comfortable chair would materialize when you need it, the Ollie Chair has your back. Ollie is a transformable seat that unfurls and retracts with no more than the pull of a string. Created by Brooklyn Navy Yard-based kinetic furniture company RockPaperRobot, the chair offers a portable, elegant and comfortable solution for today’s office-anywhere work style–and its customizable cool design makes it a welcome addition to your decor.

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Natalia Geci, multifunctional furniture system, LYNKO, wooden hinges, powder-coated tubes, design for disassembly, Marie Kondo, bestseller book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Argentinean design, urban nomads, nomadic furniture

Like many organizationally challenged folks, Argentinean designer Natalia Geci was inspired by Marie Kondo’s bestselling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Following the author’s principal of only holding onto items that bring us joy, Geci created a freestanding, multifunctional furniture system to not only encourage de-cluttering, but to display these prized possessions.

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Sofa beds are convenient in nature and have become the norm for multi-purpose furniture, but a large flat bed is not always the best sleeping solution for multiple guests (or tiny apartments). Enter Doc, a cleverly designed sofa from Bonbon Trading that easily transforms from a contemporary, comfy sofa into stylish bunk beds with one simple motion.

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snap, be-elastic

NYC apartments often have irregular layouts and odd corners, and finding pre-made furniture that will fit nicely can often be a lofty task. As such, the founders of Be-elastic have designed an innovative furniture solution called SNAP to solve this problem. The SNAP assembly system is comprised of a simple snapping mechanism that allows users to design and assemble tables, stools, or shelving using whatever material they can find. The team has already experimented with a variety of items, creating tables from dart boards, vintage doors, and even bicycle wheels. But you can use your own design savvy to decide the color and number of legs your item requires.

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Lee F. Mindel, Auction, Modernist, Art, Furniture, Prouve, Mouille, Nevelson, Sotsass, Gaudi, Braque, Jouve, Serra, DUBREUIL

If your idea of a perfect stocking stuffer is a classic Serge Mouille three-armed ceiling light, the auction of items from the private collection of architect Lee Mindel, which begins today, is just what your gift list ordered. “Light & Aerie: The Collection of Lee F. Mindel, FAIA” includes dozens of rare modernist pieces from the architect’s personal collection. Mindel is moving from his Chelsea loft in a former hat factory to a new aerie in Tribeca’s rare and collectible Herzog & de Meuron-designed “Jenga tower” at 56 Leonard Street; Mindel’s loft is available, too, if you’ve got a really big stocking to fill. Auction house Phillips is handling the sale, which includes stunning pieces ranging from art to furniture, lighting and decorative items by the likes of Jean Prouvé, Antoni Gaudí, Georges Braque, Hans J. Wegner, Ettore Sottsass, Jr. and many, many more.

Check out some of the iconic pieces headed for auction

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Efficient studio living in any city requires planning and ingenuity, and with a limited amount of square footage, multi-use furniture can help to optimize your available space. Now, thanks to the French furniture brand Boulon Blanc, you can easily and stylishly transform your living room into your dining room with one swift motion. Their clever new table changes height in an instant, and is made from high quality components and materials. Inspiration for the Boulon Blanc table is drawn from aeronautics and precision time pieces, and the team spent over two years developing the table’s sophisticated helicoid mechanisms.

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Burn calories sitting at your desk with HOVR

By Ana Lisa Alperovich, Mon, October 10, 2016

HOVR, kinetic exercise machine, machine for a desk, Indiegogo, burn calories, unconscious exercise

Our bodies are designed to move, yet most of us spend our days sitting at a desk, staring at a screen. But here’s a new device that claims to help counter that inertia by producing unconscious movements that can help keep you fit while answering emails. While it might look like some silly exercise device being offered on a late night television informercial, HOVR promises to burn calories by creating healthy movements without mental distraction.

get fit with HOVR

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Technically we all have to grow up, but that doesn’t mean we can’t always be kids at heart. Turkish product designer Burak Doğan helps us integrate this sense of play into our often serious adult lives with his series of superhero bookshelves. Now you can transform your dull living room into your very own superhero lair.

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Fernando Mastrangelo Carves Glacier-Inspired Furniture From Sand

By Ana Lisa Alperovich, Fri, August 5, 2016

Fernando Mastrangelo, glacier furniture, Drift furniture, sand furniture, Brooklyn studio, artist Matthew Barney, blue-shaded furniture

Brooklyn-based designer Fernando Mastrangelo, founder of design firm MMATERIAL, was inspired by the blue shades of majestic Patagonian glaciers like Perito Moreno for his Drift collection. These sculptural pieces of furniture look like carved stone, but are actually made from sand.

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Ikea Is Selling a Full Mini Kitchen for Only $112

By Dana Schulz, Thu, August 4, 2016

Ikea mini kitchen, SUNNERSTA, compact kitchen, Ikea 2016

6sqft has featured a couple compact kitchens before (like ChopChop and Gali), but they’ve both been concepts. Now, thanks to none other than Ikea, space-starved New Yorkers who actually prefer cooking to delivery can easily purchase a mini unit that offers everything a traditional kitchen would–a cooktop that can be removed to reveal countertop space, a mini fridge, a sink, and back rails to install various storage solutions (h/t Elle Decor). For those who want a bit more storage, Sunnersta also has a matching bar cart with three shelves for just $30.

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Ana Arana, room divider, Tromploeil, geometric design, playful design, Spanish design, attached with magnets,

Room dividers are a great way to maximize space and privacy in small spaces, but in some cases, they can also add a decorative focal point, as well as a temporary storage solution. That’s the case with Ana Arana‘s geometric and playful Tromploeil, which is made of separate perforated, white metal planes that are joined by magnets with colorful geometrical elements. The result has a fun, kitschy 1990s vibe that surely brighten up any cookie-cutter apartment.

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Juno Jeon, responsive design, Pull me to life, the Netherlands, Korean designer, humorous objects, alive furniture, responsive design, wooden scales

We interact with our furniture everyday–when we sit on a couch or open a drawer–but most of the time we don’t even think about it. To make those interactions more visible (and fun) designer Juno Jeon creates ordinary objects with a surprising twist. One example is Pull Me to Life, a wooden bedside table complete with scales that react when in use.

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Sigurd Larsen, wooden wardrobes, Berlin, wooden shipping containers, shipping crates,

Living efficiently in a studio apartment has many challenges, but one of the biggest gripes, especially for women, is where to stock all those clothes. If your home lacks a Carrie Bradshaw-esque walk-in closet, these custom-made pieces by architect Sigurd Larsen may work wonders. They take inspiration from the wooden shipping crates typically used to transport or store large, heavy or awkward items, and can also double as attractive room dividers.

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Sigurd Larsen, wooden cube, minimal furniture, furniture for valuables, The Shrine

We all have those precious items that we want to keep safe — grandpa’s watch, a childhood diary, a stash of foreign money — but in cramped apartments it’s hard to find adequate space to stash them all. Sigurd Larsen‘s cubic cabinet called the Shrine, however, has plenty of compartments to keep valuables safe. It’s simply a wooden box full of drawers and doors of varying sizes that are only accessible with keys.

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Raw Edges, Booken, book console table, ways to decorate with books, Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay

By now, everyone has jumped on the bandwagon of organizing bookshelves by spine color. And while we love the look, it’s refreshing to see a new, inventive way to display one’s reading material. Booken was designed by Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay of Raw Edges as a way to exhibit the book “as an object that becomes material.” It’s the horizontal version of the traditional bookcase, and with the books hanging by their spines, they create a visually interesting and purposeful console table that doubles as a library.

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Meditation Tipi, indoor teepee, meditation products, personal meditation rooms, Little Turtle's Tipi

Even the most cynical, high-strung New Yorkers need a little “namaste” time. If committing to a yoga membership seems like too much, why not get one of these Meditation Tipis, which allow you to “create your own sacred space for meditation, connection, writing, reading and more.” Made in Bozeman, Montana by Little Turtle’s Tipi, these handmade canvas teepees come with an imitation fur rug and a salt crystal aroma lamp for your favorite essential oils. And with a diameter of only six feet and height of seven, they’re perfect for even the smallest apartments.

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Carlo Ratti Associati, lift-bit, Vitra

For the first time, a remote will control a section of your living room furniture that doesn’t include your lights or home entertainment center. From the international design and innovation studio Carlo Ratti Associati, Lift-Bit is the world’s first digitally-transformable sofa. The wired furniture was created with the support of Swiss-owned furniture company Vitra and is made up of a series of modular seats fully stacked with the Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies. Each separate seat has the ability to raise or lower independently, thus introducing a multitude of seating configurations and functionality that can be controlled with the click of a button.

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The selection of furniture for those living in cramped apartments continues to evolve beyond the plastic folding chair. And this flat-pack seating collection by Jongha Choi is the latest ingenious design to emerge from the small space realm. De-dimension _ From 2D to 3D rethinks seating by adding an artistic bent to a functional product. As seen in the animation above, each seat easily unfolds when needed, and can just as easily be collapsed back into a “2D” form and hung on the wall like art.

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via 57 lounge chair by bjarke ingels

For those of us who love the unusual shape and dramatic angles of Bjarke Ingels‘ famed VIA 57 WEST tetrahedron, but aren’t in the market to pay $3,800 a month for a one-bedroom (or didn’t qualify for the building’s affordable housing lottery), there’s now a way to bring a piece of the starchitecture into our own homes.

Dezeen reveals the VIA57 chair, designed by Ingels for furniture brand Fritz Hansen along with KiBiSi to mark the completion of the pyramid-shaped building. “The rotated corners allow a variety of social configurations while also evoking the tetrahedronical geometry of its parent architecture,” he explains.

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As 6sqft previously detailed, when the beloved comedian Joan Rivers passed away in 2014, she left behind a lavish Upper East Side penthouse packed with a collection of glittering designer gowns, gilded furnishings, jewelry and collected items that reflected a lifetime love of pretty things. Rivers herself once described the decor of the 5,100-square-foot triplex as “Louis XIV meets Fred and Ginger.”

Christie’s has issued a catalog listing the opulent collections of Rivers’ home that will be included in the live auction, scheduled for June 22 with viewing times beginning June 17. Items from Harry Winston, Tiffany’s and Fabergé will join art and small personal items–like Bob Mackie gowns, a silver Tiffany & Co. water bowl engraved “Spike” and a silk pagoda dog bed (h/t Curbed).

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Sander Mulder, ghostly lamp, Josephine floor lamp, transparent acrylic, acrylic furniture, color filters, glowing design,

Less is more for just about everything when it comes to cramped NYC apartments; the notable exception, of course, being light. So here’s a brilliant design that strikes a perfect balance between being hidden but also visually arresting when it needs to be. Sander Mulder‘s Josephine Lamp is a standing luminaire that takes on an almost ghostly form, only becoming apparent when one switches its on-off button.

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brickbox kazam

Kazam Design’s BrickBox is a simple yet innovative storage system that consists of wooden boxes designed to easily fit together without screws or assembly. The units can be stacked or arranged to not only provide ample and flexible shelving, but to create sideboards or room separators. Each “brick box” also doubles as a wooden box perfect for transporting your belongings when you move from one space to another.

More on this design here

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Christopher Duffy, Ocean-inspired table, Abyss Dining Table, Abyss Table, LED lights, Plexiglas, FSC wood

Furniture designer Christopher Duffy recently unveiled a new dinning table inspired by the ocean. The conversation piece, which replicates an underwater geological cross section, will add several layers of magic to any dinner party held on it.

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