Bec Brittain’s Beautiful Maxhedron Pendant Lamp Creates Stunning Light Constellations

May 28, 2014

Bec Brittain may be Brooklyn-based, but this lighting designer isn’t falling into her Bushwick neighborhood’s predilection for rough-edges and unfinished wood. With its calculated geometry, elegant mirrored glass, and a constellation of lights held within, Brittian’s beautiful Maxhedron offers the perfect amount of luminance while creating an out of this world refraction that can transform any room.

bec brittain's maxhedron pendant lamp

Brittain’s designs are informed by her rich educational background which spans from architecture to philosophy to product design. Many of her designs play with reflection and transparency, and she incorporates these phenomena into her works artistically, treating her lamps as sculptures rather than just as utilitarian objects.

Her other works employ many of the same concepts and are usually modular and utilize a mix of polished materials, such as marble, hand-blown glass, bronze, and in the case of the Maxhedron, brass or nickel. The lamps also benefit from being energy-efficient with LEDs.

bec brittain's maxhedron pendant lamp

Place it in your kitchen, above your dining table, or use it to light up your bedroom, just know that there are few centerpiece designs able to create an atmosphere like this one.

Visit Bec Brittain’s website to see more.

Images courtesy of Bec Brittain

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